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One of the things that Mitchel enjoys the most about being involved with the software development community is the ability to go out and speak at User Groups and Events across the world. Mitchel believes that it is very important to share our experiences with others and to learn from our peers. It is the only way we can truly improve at our craft. He has been speaking publicly since mid-2007 and since then given more than 400 talks at events large and small.

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If you have a specific topic in mind that you would like discussed, please include that in your email. Over the years Mitchel have given presentations on a wide variety of topics and often times can help identify appropriate topics for events.

No Budget for Travel?

Feel free to contact Mitch even if you do not have the ability to subsidize or provide transportation. Each year he covers travel expenses for multiple events as a way of giving back to the community.

Some Recent Speaking Engagements

DevUp 2022

Deploying Secure Web Apps on Azure App Service (PaaS)

Managing and deploying web applications in Azure in a secure manner isn't an exact science, but there are many tools available to take some of the guess work out of the process. This talk explores a number of these features and configurations.

Secure Azure Web PaaS Slides
DevUp 2022

Practical GitHub Actions for ASP.NET Core Developers

Understanding GitHub Actions as an ASP.NET Core developer can be complicated. This talk focused on some quick-hit examples of how to implement GitHub actions with ASP.NET Core applications while also exploring the features, options, and pricing that may come into play with the implementation.

GitHub Actions for Asp.NET Core Slides
Des Moines Azure User Group

Implementing Geo-Redundant AppServices with Azure

Azure PaaS offerings, such as AppService, provide a great benefit not only in ease of management but also with the available options for geo-redundancy and fault tolerance. However, there are important considerations with application architecture and deployment to do things successfully.

Geo-Redundant AppService Slides
DNN Summit 2021

.NET 5 & DNN- Exploring Your Options

As the future of .NET continues to push ahead to .NET 5 and beyond, where do things stand for developers using technology, such as DNN, that are WebForms based? This session explored the options available to those stuck in a similar position.

DNN/.NET 5 Slides
DNN Summit 2020

Dependency Injection in DNN

DNN Platform added support for Dependency Injection in Version 9.4.0 this session provided an overview for developers as to what they could expect when implementing DI in their projects.

DNN Dependency Injection Slides
DNN Summit 2020

DNN Security Best Practices

DNN Platform offers an endless amount of customization which can leave websites vulnerable. This session provides an overview of key security considerations and configurations to keep your site secure.

DNN Security Slides
DevUp 2019

The Struggles of Open Source Leadership

Leading open-source projects can be a real struggle, and is often a game of patience and dedication. This session shares some of my lessons as a leader of multiple open-source projects.

Open Source Leadership Struggles Slides
NYC Code Camp 2019

Practical Unit Testing Patterns for .NET Core

Unit testing with .NET Core and ASP.NET Core isn't as straight forward as it might seem at times. Framework limitations introduce situations whereby unit testing can be met with complications, or reporting tools that paint a gloomy picture. This session explores patterns for success with Unit Testing.

Unit Testing Patterns Presentation
View GitHub Unit Testing Sample
NYC Code Camp 2019

Azure CI/CD In 60 Minutes or Less

This session provided a practical overview of Azure DevOps and how you can implement Continous Integration and Continous Deployment processes within your applications with relative ease. Emphasis is placed on supporting multi-environment deployments with single pipelines. The presentation slides contain step-by-step instructions for all processes.

Azure CI/CD Presentation
NYC Code Camp 2019

Transitioning to .NET Core - It Doesn't Need to Hurt

The migration to .NET Core should not be painful, however, it does require proper evaluation and planning to ensure a smooth transition.


Quote from Mitch

I firmly believe in the importance of sharing our experiences with others and learning from our peers. It is the only way we as software developers can truly improve at our craft.