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Mitchel Sellers is the Founder, CEO, and Director of Development for IowaComputerGurus (ICG). He has personally managed/developed hundreds of successful website and application projects, served as an adjunct technology instructor at Iowa colleges, and is a published author. His many accomplishments have been recognized elevating him to ten-time Microsoft MVP, ASP Insider, DNN MVP and Leader of the DNN Technology Group to name a few.

One of my favorite parts about being involved in the software development community is speaking at events.

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Mitchel Sellers
Mitchel Sellers
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Latest Speaking Engagements

Des Moines Azure User Group

Implementing Geo-Redundant AppServices with Azure

Azure PaaS offerings, such as AppService, provide a great benefit not only in ease of management but also with the available options for geo-redundancy and fault tolerance. However, there are important considerations with application architecture and deployment to do things successfully.

Geo-Redundant AppService Slides
DNN Summit 2021

.NET 5 & DNN- Exploring Your Options

As the future of .NET continues to push ahead to .NET 5 and beyond, where do things stand for developers using technology, such as DNN, that are WebForms based? This session explored the options available to those stuck in a similar position.

DNN/.NET 5 Slides
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Latest Blog Posts

Apr 12, 2022

Turbocharge Developer Productivity with Bootstrap Tag Helpers

As a software architect, I'm always looking for better ways to optimize my development patterns, reduce the lines of code, and improve the overall maintainability of the code that I write. Recently I took a deep dive into my usage of Boostrap with ASP.NET and created a number of Tag Helpers that have exponentially improved my productivity, and made it all open source!

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Apr 01, 2022

.NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid - Custom Authentication Implementation

Not all projects will utilize OAuth or Azure AD, and .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid is no different! In this post I take a look under the covers at how you can implement you own custom solution for authentication within MAUI Blazor and take control of your application without ripping your hair out.

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Mar 29, 2022

MVC vs Blazor WASM: A Different Look At Performance

Not all applications are created equal, which means not all technology frameworks will perform the same for a given project or solution. This post explores a recent performance deep dive that I completed evaluating the performance of ASP.NET Core MVC vs Blazor Web Assembly (WASM). ...

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Nov 30, 2021

Renaming Tables Safely in Entity Framework Core

I love Entity Framework Core; I do; however, it can sometimes make me want to pull my hair out. Renaming tables is one of those situations for sure, but it can be easy to manage with a bit of planning. ...

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