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Avoid SEO Mistakes Disable Copyright Credits in DNN/Evoq

Posted on Apr 04, 2017

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In prior versions of DNN/Evoq a Host Setting value for "Disable Copyright Credits" was made easily available. Starting with Version 9.0.0 this configuration setting no longer has an interface allowing people to change. By default, DNN is configured to show copyright credits, and it is strongly recommended that this option be disabled.

Why Disable

The first question that many ask is why I care so much about a seemingly innocent setting. When enabled this setting adds a HTML Comment copyright header to all pages, and injects DNN specific keywords into the meta keywords field. This is concerning as it not only adds keywords that are not valid for your property but for those in more extreme security-focused it provides an easy way to validate that you are running DNN, which can be a concern

Disabling in 9.x

The process is very simple in 9.x. Simply login as a host user and navigate to "Settings" -> "SQL Console" and then run the below script.

Disable Copyright Credits
UPDATE {databaseOwner}[{objectQualifier}HostSettings]
SET SettingValue = 'N'
WHERE SettingName = 'Copyright'

After making this change, clear the cache and you are set!


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